Why memcached will lose data

KevinImNotSpacey kevin.amerson at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:47:18 UTC 2007

memcached stores data in memory, it doesn't persist it, therefore if the
server goes down the data is lost.  memcached will also bump data from
memory when other items are requested more often, and memory space gets low.

there is simply no guarantee that when you put something into memcached that
it will be there later.

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On 5/8/07, Dawei Wang <dawei.wang at iupload.com> wrote:
> Hi,All:
> I found that some people said that memcached sometimes will lose data. I
> really don't understand why this happens. can someone explain this?
> yet I found a bug with it (C# client API) ,it key has space (for example
> "test  123" ), then it will fail to set to memcached. so I just remove space
> before set t omemcached, and now I used it as cache in our website, it seems
> fine to me...
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