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Ah, ok thank you. That worked.. I thought there was a tool in the memcached folder that could do the same without touching the API ... or bothering the developer :)

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> Are there a few commands that can be issued to view the stats (cache hits,
> misses, etc) of particular memcached nodes?

You will need to look at the documentation for your client library as
the exact usage is different in each scenario

here is an example in python

>>> import memcache
>>> m = memcache.Client([''])
>>> m.get_stats()
[(' (1)', {'total_items': '1064', 'bytes_written':
'2579267', 'uptime': '2345949', 'bytes': '26662', 'cmd_get': '32398',
'curr_items': '153', 'pid': '6308', 'curr_connections': '4',
'connection_structures': '5', 'limit_maxbytes': '10485760', 'version':
'1.2.1', 'rusage_user': '0.350000', 'total_connections': '5',
'cmd_set': '1064', 'time': '1178657627', 'get_misses': '804',
'bytes_read': '1010270', 'rusage_system': '0.320000', 'pointer_size':
'32', 'get_hits': '31594'})]


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