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Wed May 9 05:47:34 UTC 2007

Hi all,

> Curious if anyone has gone down the route of creating a fuse filesystem 
> implementation around Memcache, kind of along the lines of CacheFS.

It looks like others have had similar thoughts - lighttpd have a
mod_memcache module which caches small files in memory for faster

"Serving several thousands small files for lighttpd is quite
challenging. Operating System has to do a lot of random access, which
increase io-wait. mod_mem_cache is the plugin which stores content of
files in memory for faster serving. It's more configurable than OS
buffers (at least, linux buffers), in some cases yields better

For example, you can configure it to cache files smaller than 5 kb, just
cache files with a specific mime type or different strategies to free
memory when the configured limit has been reached."


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