Multiple nodes vs multiple servers

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Thanks for the tips - I will keep that in mind.

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On 5/8/07, a f <just1coder at> wrote:
> Ideally, scaling out to many memcached servers (with >1 node) would be
> preferred but for a pilot I am working on building out a memcached box on an
> existing server. It has a dual-xeons and 8GB of RAM. Would it be preferred
> to use many instances on that single server or is it possible to have 1 very
> large instance?

for your scenario; one instance will do just fine. (one instance is
preferred to keep the number of connections down, and so that client
libraries can better optimize multi get requests)

also many on this list (myself included) would recommend you not
"guess" at how much memcached memory space you actually need, but
start with something small like say a few hundred megs of memory
(memcached is really efficient) and grow it as you need while watching
your usage stats.


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