How to maintaince memcached's status in libmemcache?

Marcus Bointon marcus at
Thu May 10 08:40:08 UTC 2007

On 10 May 2007, at 03:24, 石磊 wrote:

> I have use three memcache servers(A,B,C) and use  libmemcache as  
> memcached's client. What I want to know is that :  how to manage  
> memcache 's staus?
>  For example ,first ,A,B,C servers are all Ok,so In libmemcache  
> their active flag is " u". sometime ,A can't be connected so A's  
> active is turned to "d".
> last,when I repair the A server and it is avaiable , can be A's  
> active changed to " u"?

If it's anything like the PHP client, it has a timeout setting  
(default 10 sec) that will retry dead severs each time it expires. So  
in that case a dead server that returns will be marked as 'up' on  
average within 5 sec of it being so. I don't know if libmemcache has  
support for that.

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