Multiple nodes vs multiple servers

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Thu May 10 17:35:17 UTC 2007

On May 10, 2007, at 10:19 , Les Mikesell wrote:

> How graceful is the system about making these changes while in  
> production?  If you add servers do you have to stop the clients to  
> reconfigure to use them, and is there any problem other than less  
> than optimal caching while some clients run with the old setup?

	The memcached nodes don't care.  They don't know about each other.

	The clients are where the issue is.  For example, where I'm using my  
java client, I initialize it at application startup time and inject  
it where it's needed.  This effectively leaves me with no  
reconfiguration facility.

	Alternatively, I could more dynamically access my client and a means  
of pushing a new config into it and the users of the client wouldn't  
care at all.

	I've mentioned a memcached proxy that I think would be an ideal  
solution this problem as well as providing a performance benefit from  
multi-process applications.  I haven't written any of it yet, though.

Dustin Sallings

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