Peter van Dijk peter at
Fri May 11 08:14:19 UTC 2007

On 9-mei-2007, at 20:21, Erik Osterman wrote:

> Python proof of concept code.
> It doesn't appear to cache contents, only stat.
> Also, on a philisophical side note. I am floored by how often  
> almost identical ideas are conceived of by different people at the  
> same time. Look at the date on that blog entry!

You have no idea how much this is scaring me right now ;)

Over the last two weeks i spent a lot of time discussing a memcachefs  
(fuse-based) with two fellow geeks - applications that came to mind  
were (a) the smarty cache (b) php sessions; for both cases, losing  
files (as a whole, not random parts inside) is ok and readdir is  
irrelevant, which allows cutting a lot of corners.

We're also pondering using mysql as the write-through bit, instead of  
an actual filesystem, which wouldmake the storage stable and allow  
readdir. No code so far, though.

Cheers, Peter

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