Mongrel Instance Problems

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Sat May 12 15:39:41 UTC 2007

Hi, what do you mean by 'which client'?

Well, I have set Apache to virtual host a cluster of 4 mongrels, and the problem about session handling appears, when I try to uses memcached to hold the sessions.

If I just use just 1 instance of mongrel, it works. Note that I have no problems using the default PStore, in both single mongrel instance and mongrel clusters.

This happens in both IE and Firefox too. Please help! =)

Eric Hodel <drbrain at> wrote: On May 11, 2007, at 01:19,  
reg at> wrote:

> Greetings group!
>     Anyone who had problems and hopefully with a solution to why  
> Memcache 1.2.2 does not seem to work with a Mongrel Cluster? It  
> works fine when I use it with just one Mongrel instance, but with a  
> cluster, the sessions keep getting lost.

Which client?

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