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Wed May 16 17:33:47 UTC 2007

Words by Julio Leyva [Wed, May 16, 2007 at 05:02:08PM +0000]:
>  I installed the postgresql API to talk to memcached
>  I have two servers running memcached
>  I added two servers
>   memcache_server_add('localhost','11211');
>   memcache_server_add('testmem','11211');
>  both hosts can see each other
>  So I added some data
>        memcache_add(''1234'',''Ioana'');
>        memcache_add(''1235'',''Yan'');
>  the retrieved it
>     memcache_get('1234')
>  so I got back 'Ioana'
>  However when I retrieve the stats
>  memcache_stats();
>  I only get stats for the localhost, nothing for the 'testmem' server
>  It means even if I added two memcached servers, I'm only talking to the localone?

That depends on the client implementation. When you *_add and *_get the
key gets hashed and it goes to one of the configured servers.

For the memcache_stats the lib needs to consolidate the information from
all the configured servers.

Why do you say it iѕ only localhost returned? mcm_stats() loops through
all servers.

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