Problem with Memcached

Ian mahtems at
Sat May 19 17:56:41 UTC 2007

I have memcached installed on every server I use for php, which is about 20
servers. 32 bit servers with 4GB ram each, 1GB on each is for memcached.

Each one connects to the same server, and then it memcache_add_server to add
the other servers to the pool. It works like it should but we are having a
few strange problems and I'm not sure what is causing it.

What is sometimes happening, is that we use memcache_set to add something
with say the key of "TOPIC" and then later it is deleted. Then memcache_set
is used again to cache something else with the same key. It does so and its
cached. But then when we try to get the key "TOPIC", sometimes it will give
us the data that we deleted from the cache over an hour ago, and then other
times it will bring back what we actually saved since it was deleted.

I hope that makes sense... please help, its causing a lot of problems
because its bringing up old data which we can't really have happening.
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