telling code to pull from the database when the data in a table changes

Tsz Ming WONG tszming at
Mon May 21 14:46:22 UTC 2007

On 5/21/07, Nathan Nobbe <quickshiftin at> wrote:
> efficient; triggers could be employed (im using mysql 5+) to update a table,
> call it recent_tables_that_changed, dedicated to signifying particular
> tables in the database have changed.  then the cron'd php script could
> simply check recent_tables_that_changed  to determine which, if any,
> application variables had become stale (do to a change in data profile).
> the stale variable  could then be updated and the record removed from
> recent_tables_that_changed.

I am using an approach similar to this, but not for memcached. I am
using APC (which is much faster) for local cache storage, so we need
to use trigger as a way to clean cache on remote servers.

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