evictions stat in 1.2.2

BUSTARRET, Jean-francois jfbustarret at wat.tv
Mon May 28 15:32:15 UTC 2007

The eviction stat only counts "cache overflows" (valid entries bumped from the cache by inserts) and not expirations.

What would be the point of counting expirations ?


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After the previous thread about trying to see when you've overloaded your cache and the conversations about the evictions metric, I wanted to poke at the code and see if I could submit a patch to split out the eviction stat to differentiate between cache overflows and expirations.


Here is the only place I see stats.evictions being incremented in the code.  The way I read it, it only increments evictions when you are removing an item that is not used and who's expiration time has not yet been exceeded; i.e.  you have overflowed your cache.  (this is contrary to the docs.  Am I reading it wrong?

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