unexpected instance shutdown and max number of connections

Brian Moon brianm at dealnews.com
Tue May 29 01:32:38 UTC 2007

Ricardo Niederberger Cabral wrote:
> 1) Is there any reason (or has anyone experienced this before) for
> memcached clients not respecting the maximum number of connections
> when configured to connect to multiple instances ?

Clients have no idea what your memcached servers max connections is. 
For example, we have 5 application servers that have a maximum of 256 
instances per server.  That means EACH memcached server must be able to 
accept 1,280 connections.  So, if you are running out of connections, I 
would look at what is connecting to memcached and most likely up your 
conneciton limit.  Ours are set to 4,096 just for good measure.


Brian Moon
Senior Developer
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