Running as a daemon/monitoring TTL

Harry McIntyre mcintyre321 at
Thu May 31 09:37:07 UTC 2007

Hi there folks!

We have just set up our first memcached server. As a test I created two
instances using -d, one for each of our servers ethernet cards.
Unfortunately we used the default size of 64MB. I would like to somehow
uninstall these daemon processes and reinstall them using 8GB instances, but
every time I do a killall and reinstanciate them at a different size, then
do a reboot, the original size of 64 MB is restored. We are running an
Ubuntu 7.04 server.

Also,  is there a good way to monitor what the current average insert time
of the files being dropped by the LRU algorithm is? I'm not quite sure how
to tell how hard a memcached server is being hit.


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