memcached C# client test failed

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Mon Oct 1 14:06:26 UTC 2007

Dear A:

I can arrange VNC or remote desktop for you to connect to the linux
servers if you need. Please let me know.


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Thinking further, I think I have a guess what happened. Only the  
expiration checking test has failed, which puts some stuff into the  
cache, waits for 10 secs and checks if the items have disappeared  
from the cache. However I need some help from list members.

Absolute expirations must be specified in Unix time - elapsed seconds  
since 1970/1/1. The code just subtracted the epoch from the  
timestamp, converted into secs, and gave it to the server.

However, on the windows server items usually expired immediately or  
did not expired in the specified time. depending on their local  
timezone. So, I've first converted the expiration time to UTC then  
did the conversion and expiration started to work again.

I believe that the windows or the linux version (probably the first)  
converts unix dates improperly, and this can cause the failed test  
with linux servers.

Question is: which server does this correctly, and should I convert  
the local expiration time into UTC before calculating the Unix time  
or not?

(Unfortunately I do not have access to Linux servers right now, but  
I'll try to get one.)


On Oct 1, 2007, at 3:01 PM, Peter Chiu wrote:

> I've tried running memcached C# client unit tests
> ( against 3 memcached servers:
> Fedora 7, Ubuntu 7, Windows port of memcached
> (
> On both linux servers (Fedora 7 & Ubuntu 7), only 16 out of 23 tests
> passed (screenshot attached). All tests passed on the Window-port
> server. Any idea?
> Thanks in advance!
> Best,
> Peter
> <>

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