Memcached Compression Problem

Shaun McQuaker shaunm at
Thu Oct 11 15:40:14 UTC 2007


I'm having a particularly weird memcached problem. I am using memecached 
1.2.1 across 5 servers and the Perl client API version 1.24. For the 
sake of simplicity in describing my problem I'm going to break my 
servers into two groups, the first called group A with 3 servers, and 
the second group B with 2 servers. My problem goes something link this; 
a server in group A adds a value into its own cache (so the server 
parameter is localhost:9999) with a perl call like this: 
$memd->set($key, $value, 60*60*24*30). Then a server from group B 
attempts to read this value using $memd->get($key) from the server in 
group A. The  problem is that output is completely garbled and looks 
like it's compressed. The value should indeed be compressed as it is 
larger than the compression threshold that I have set. So it looks to me 
like the client on the server in group B could not uncompress the value. 
One further note, the server in group A can read and display the value 

So now my questions:
1. is the value compressed by the memcached server or the client API?
2. what package (lib) is used for compression?
3. anyone know how to fix this? or where to start? :)

Shaun McQuaker

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