MOM: Memcached Operations Monitoring

dormando dormando at
Thu Oct 11 21:41:03 UTC 2007

> Just to reassure those who are assuming this must be a very expensive 
> use of memcached, I can say from experience that with a single instance 
> running on a linux box with a mere 10M of memory assigned, we aggregate 
> information on about 20 pools and several hundred machines at a rate of 
> 10-15K operations per second, and have never gotten close to capacity.
> Would anyone else be interested in this?  Or is this too far off the 
> beaten path?  It is mostly helpful for very busy sites.  Thanks.
> --randy

I think we (at least me) would like to see what you've done. At the 
least get more insight into what you had to change to accomplish this 
(and which java client you used).

I've seen a few other folks on the list (and off list) mention they use 
memcached in a similar way. It's not out of line at all.


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