Evaluating Memcached for our site. Looking for advice.

John Kramlich john.kramlich at gigoit.org
Sat Oct 20 15:30:05 UTC 2007

Jason Gross wrote:
> 1. Are there tools that exist to help analyze which queries should be 
> cached?
If you are running MySQL you can enable logging of slow queries.  You 
can specify how many seconds something would have to take before you 
consider it to be a slow query.

> 3. What level of effort was required to integrate memcached into the 
> application?
Our SQL queries at Gigoit are very consistent and were easy to cache.  I 
wrote a PHP class that sits between our application and MySQL.  Any 
database queries call the query method in my class instead of 
communicating directly with MySQL.  I pass two parameters, the SQL query 
and the number of seconds to keep the result set cached (0 for no 
caching).  The method returns a multidimensional array of the result set.

So, if you wanted to perform something like "SELECT username, email FROM 
users" and keep it cached for two minutes the code would be:

MyClass->query('SELECT username, email FROM users',120);

We wrote the app from the ground up knowing we would use memcache so 
your mileage my vary.

- John

John Kramlich
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