how to truncate the logs without kill memcached

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Mon Oct 22 21:15:16 UTC 2007

No, and that's nothing to do with memcached; it's true of any program 
where you're redirecting the output directly into a file.

Try piping output to some helper program that opens a new logfile every 
so often. There are several such available (cronolog springs to mind).

Running with -vv in any kind of production environment is unusual. What 
do you use all that information for, out of curiosity?


Sheldon Chen wrote:
> I have used memcached -d -m 1024 -vv 2>memcached.log to start the
> memcached and found that the log file memcached.log grows too fast.  Is
> there a way to remove the logs without killing the memcached first?
> thanks,
> sheldon

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