Memcached + MySQL

Alexander Zaitsev alexander.zaitsev at
Wed Oct 31 10:57:30 UTC 2007

This will not buy you much. If you have MySQL on the backend, it is 
useless idea to replace storage engine by Memcached.

MySQL itself has a bunch of optimization options that effectively turn 
disk reads into memory reads . In your case I would guess that following 
tuning would help:
1. Increase MySQL query cache size
2. increase key_buffer_size (normal value is 512K).

MyISAM is also faster than InnoDB, if your application logic permits 
non-transactional DB. MEMORY engine is probably not a good idea since 
you can loose all your data.

Angelo McComis wrote:
> I am running a fairly large TinyDNS infrastructure. That (for those that
> don't know) uses a MySQL backend as a datastore. I'm looking for ways to
> improve the performance of this thing. MemcacheD looked appealing as it
> could theoretically plug in as a storage engine and turn disk reads into
> memory reads for frequently resolved DNS queries.
> Is there a better solution?

Alexander Zaitsev
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