question regarding memory usage

Sumit Datta sumitdatta at
Sat Sep 8 08:10:46 UTC 2007

Well you seem to have come across a question many of us come across.
This is a general scenario of "Is this better than that". I would
really suggest not listening to any of us (we all are biased towards
memcached :D ) and just go ahead and make a test case. It would hardly
take a day to build a test case and test it to the limits. You will
certainly know the answer yourself. Regarding APC I would say we tried
that and liked it, but memcache was much better. APC somehow was not
very stable and we had many crashes when a lot of data was being
The best part of the test is that it is really easy setup and just
spend some hours and try it out. I am sure you will be on our side
after your tests.
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Sumit Datta
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