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On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 14:24 +0800, J A wrote:
> I've read that it's not good to use Memcache to cache MySQL queries,
> as the MySQL buffer already does this.  Instead, I should cache the
> html output.  Is this what one should always do?

MySQL does indeed cache query data, but I believe this gets invalidated
when the table is updated. We use ADODB as an abstraction layer, and
this allows easy memcaching of query results out of the box.

> I'm running PHP and using Smarty for templates.  The PHP throws the
> output to Smarty, and Smarty is the thing that outputs the html.  Thus
> my application is not able to grab the html output.  Or is there a way
> to do it?

You might like to investigate basic Smarty caching using the filesystem,
unless theres a particular reason you need to use memcache. It would be
reasonably simple to adapt Smarty filecaching to memcache, however.

> For instance, in a page I might have a "about us" section, a "friends
> list", and a "blog list".  I'd like to cache each of those sections.

Smarty will compile each of these sections individually and then cache
the page as a whole. There's not currently (AFAIK) template-level
caching in Smarty, but one of my co-workers has a working implementation
that we're testing.

Hope that helps a little,

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