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> On 10 Sep 2007, at 08:50, Rob Sharp wrote:
> > Smarty will compile each of these sections individually and then
> > cache the page as a whole. There's not currently (AFAIK)
> > template-level caching in Smarty, but one of my co-workers has a
> > working implementation that we're testing.
> That's not true. Smarty caches whole templates, but one template can
> be included in another, hence you can get selective caching of page
> elements. Read the docs carefully as it's quite
> fiddly:
> In particular notice {insert}, and also that plugins can choose
> whether their output is cached.

Ah, I see what you mean. We use include in preference to fetch - for
variable scoping reasons - and that means we only have page-level
caching. Obviously using fetch has the caching advantage, but requires
explicit variable assignment over a global scope.

Back to memcache, this is a smarty example of the plugin we're using to
cache templates in memcache:

    {cacheBlock cacheHashData=$digestItem timeout=60

'cachehashData' is both passed into the template, and used to uniquify
the key, and 'include' is the template to load

It's very simple, but solves a common problem for us. Ideally the TTL
would be abstracted from the templates, but this is a 10 minute fix
that's still under development. We've yet to benchmark, but the template
in question is incredibly data-intensive (it retrieves activity digest
data for a given user), so it works a treat for our situation.

Is anyone using something similar, or have a better approach to that


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