Memcache keys are not getting deleted properly!

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I am using Memcached server version 1.2.2.

Also, I have 4 memcached servers setup. I am using PHP memcache client's
addServer method to connect to the servers.

I read in the addServer documentation that the third parameter/flag
(persistent) is by default set to TRUE.

Does this cause this issue?


Please let me know.





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In my personal experience on php/memcached :

It happen when your memcached server is down or unreachible.
It fail because your memcached object doesn't exist (I guess it's related
with Memcache::pconnect()).

Use try/catch on your code, and tcpdump and telnet on memcached server to

my 0.02euro

On 9/19/07, Ajinkya Nahar <ajinkya at> wrote:

Hi all,


 I am using memcached for caching purpose. Everything was working fine but
suddenly, I started getting the following error -


Memcache keys are not getting deleted properly due to the following error - 


PHP Warning: Memcache::delete() [
function.Memcache-delete]: cannot find connection identifier


What can be the cause due to which this error occurs?


Also, please tell me how to fix it.


Thanks in advance,




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