memory overflow?

dormando dormando at
Thu Sep 20 05:36:42 UTC 2007

How big are your items? If they're huge...

Memcached doesn't return memory to the OS after an item expires. It's 
also a fancy LRU, so it'll deal with not having enough memory to cache 
all of your objects. Watch the evictions stat and your cache hits stats.

If the former goes up and the latter goes down, trim your data or get 
more memcached's.


patrickk wrote:
> sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don´t have much experience 
> using memcache.
> we launched a site 2 days ago where we use memcache with the 
> django-framework.
> we have about 10 pages in the cache.
> now, the cache status is at:
> # memory usage: 238.7 MB
> # keys in cache: 5880 of 46353
> # cache hits: 263048 of 288603: 91%
> i´m a bit worried about the memory usage and the huge amount of keys in 
> the cache.
> we have only 1GB for memcache altogether and about 3 days after 
> launching the site,
> 240 MB are gone already.
> do I have to worry about the stats or is this intended caching-behaviour?
> thanks,
> patrick

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