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On 21 Sep 2007, at 09:14, K J wrote:

> The problem here is, Memcache arrays don't have indexes where  
> searches for a particular ID or range is fast, as opposed to a DB  
> server.  Or is there a way around this too?

Well, memcache doesn't have arrays, nor does it search in the DB  
sense - pretty much anything you ask for that is in the cache will  
take about the same amount of time to find. You might grab a list of  
1000 IDs, then do a multiget for the first 100 individual items (i.e.  
the first page), then you might have to hit the DB for any missing  
entries (which you would then cache for next time).

MySQL is not particularly fast - I know that the Valentina database  
system is around 500% faster for an exact match on a single primary  
key, and that's supposed to be about the fastest thing you can do in  
MySQL. Mind you, Valentina is a rather different beast...

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