Off Topic Apache Farm Question

K J sanbat at
Sat Sep 22 06:08:09 UTC 2007

>  I have an off topic question. BTW memcache is a great product and we have
> been saved by it. But my question is what are most people utilizing for a
> shared web storage.
> We keep all our web content images etc on local disks that are synced when
> released. But we have common images that are uploaded via java app server
> and stored on shared power vault unit. The shares are using NFS on linux. We
> have been experieriencing ussues under high utilization. The powervault is a
> Raid sata unit using 1gb ethernet.
> What are other people using in an environment where they need to share
> diskspace across a web farm. Thanks

Have you looked at MogileFS?
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