Off Topic Apache Farm Question

marc at marc at
Sat Sep 22 08:46:57 UTC 2007

I do the same.  But instead of rsyncing every certain interval I have 
the inotifywait utility watching the sync dirs for changes.  Once a 
change is detected (pretty much immediate) inotifywait exits and the 
script enters the rsync loop which syncs the dirs to all the nodes, when 
rsync is done the script is again blocked by inotify until a change is 


while true; do
   inotifywait  -r /var/www/web1 -r /var/www/web2 -e modify -e attrib -e 
close_write -e move -e create -e delete -qq

   # Optionally add a small sleep here to let the change be completed or 
tweak the notifywait like to be less trigger happy
   sleep 5....


You'd have to have Linux for that.  On some other systems you can use 
stuff like FAM.


Brian Moon wrote:
> Dan Miller wrote:
>> What are other people using in an environment where they need to 
>> share diskspace across a web farm. Thanks
> We have some servers that are internal use only that are NFS mounted 
> and then the NFS server is rsync'd with the public facing servers 
> every 2 minutes.

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