Regarding Memcached Server configuration?

Ajinkya Nahar ajinkya at
Wed Sep 26 06:04:01 UTC 2007

Hi all,


I am working on a PHP - Mysql based web application.


I am using memcached for caching purpose.


I have one query regarding memcached server setup as follows - 


If we have 1.7 GB memory on a server, how much should we allocate to
memcached assuming there is nothing else running on the server. 


Also, if we decide to allocate 1.5 GB, in that case, is it good to have just
1 memcached instance running or let's say 3 - each with 0.5 GB?


We are using the latest PHP memcache client which implements consistent
hashing strategy.


Please let me know your comments.


Thanks in advance,



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