PHP Session Expiry

Robert Swarthout rswarthout at
Fri Sep 28 02:01:25 UTC 2007

The way that we handle this is just set the TTL of the item when saving it
in memcache to the length of the session max lifetime.


On 9/27/07 9:39 PM, "Liam MacKenzie" <lmacka at> wrote:

> Hi all.
> I've recently set up a memcached server for the purpose of PHP Session
> clustering.  It's working very nicely, although I'm having trouble working out
> how to control the lifetime of my sessions.  I'm just using the standard PECL
> module and no modification to my code.
> I've got memcached running with 512M of RAM allocated to it.  I run some
> fairly busy sites, so I figured I'd go overkill on the memory allocation just
> in case.  I'd like to lower this if possible, but I noticed this morning
> (after 3 days of operation) that all of that 512M is being utilised and just
> under 5Gigs of session data has been saved to the data in that timespan!!
> My main goal is to be able to control my session lifetime, but I'm also
> interested in learning about any other tips and tricks people might have to
> offer with the management of memcached.  So far, the most information I've
> been able to gather from my daemon is the following:
> Thanks in advance!
> Liam

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