Fault Tolerance?

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Fri Sep 28 16:36:23 UTC 2007


NDB has been available for many years, and comes with 5.0. It uses 
syncronous replication and a number of coordination features, which are 
very latency sensitive. These are usually *required* for syncronous HA 
setups. Yes, there have been improvements with 5.1, but I don't see 
where it's beta in 5.0?

Yeah, it's hard to set up.
Yeah, it's easy to break it.
Yeah, it's also tough on hardware requirements.

However, some folks here (dealnews is vocal in particular) get quite a 
bit of mileage out of it. If you really need it you can spend the time 
to do it right. It'll be slower than memcached, but probably fast enough 
for you.

Also, if you use MySQL Cluster exactly like memcached (a giant hash 
table) the performance appears to be okay. Don't do joins against it.

Going to take a nap now :P


marc at corky.net wrote:
> Last time I checked was around a year ago.  I don't remember the exact 
> figures but it was *very* slow.   Since things may have changed since 
> then, you should run tests with a fresh version.  The latency may very 
> well be sufficient for your app.
> MySQL 5.1, which includes NDB, is indeed still very much a beta.

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