memcachedb 0.0.3 is released

Steve Chu stvchu at
Sat Sep 29 06:46:46 UTC 2007

    * add command "flush_all" that will truncate a database, warning to use.
    * lots of code formated
    * Bugfix: Now using "-u" option can get proper db file mode



What is Memcachedb?

Memcachedb is a distributed storage system designed for persistent. We
simplely hacked from memcached and tugela. But neither of them.
Memcachedb is not a cache solution, it is a persistent solution for
high-frequency writing and reading. It conforms to memcache
protocol(not completed, see below), so any memcached client can have
connectivity with memcachedb. Memcachedb uses Berkeley DB as a storing
backend, so lots of features including transaction and replication are
Memcachedb Features

    * High network performance, thanks to memcached and libevent(we
using epoll).
    * High storage performance, Using Berkeley DB BTREE Access Method,
and bdb's own MPOOL.
    * High availability, Berkeley DB Transaction supported, and
replication will be ready later.

Supported memcache command

    * get, set, add, replace
    * incr, decr
    * delete
    * stats
    * flush_all

Private commands

    * db_checkpoint
    * db_archive

We Stand on the shoulders of giants, Memcachedb source code is based on:

    * Memcached:
    * Tugela:

Steve Chu

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