memcachedb 0.0.3 is released

Steve Chu stvchu at
Sat Sep 29 09:40:35 UTC 2007

memcachedb is designed for high-frequency writing and reading, when
your data structure is simple but with a high writing load, usually
when your writing load is equal to reading, it works.
So it is good for site counter(that usually slows the whole mysql) and
index servers, also any high writing and reading situation.

Now memcachedb is working for our high-traffic site countering service
with a writing load of 1500+ per second per daemon, and with a
moderate load of CPU. The response time is less than 50ms when we give
it a apache module httpd frontend.

Google Account is good example to using Berkeley DB, though without
using memcache front end. Memcachedb has the same architecture goal
with it.

On 9/29/07, K J <sanbat at> wrote:
> Sorry to be dense here, but exactly what kinds of situations would
> Memcachedb be useful in, vs. Memcache or MySQL?  If you guys can give
> examples it would make this clearer.

Steve Chu

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