Reluctant development series (binary protocol)

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Tue Apr 1 06:41:35 UTC 2008

On Mar 31, 2008, at 1:41, dormando wrote:
> - We _must_ have at least two more implemented clients in more
> languages. It's easy to write under python, a little tricky under  
> perl.
> Are there any raw C gotchas? Ruby? Can pure PHP support it? Do we need
> to modify the spec slightly to make it fit?

	Will it be likely that many of these will be wrappers around  
something like Brian Aker's C library?

	I released a new version of my java client (2.0.1) with the latest  
server changes for 1.3.0 (most recently, the response byte that  
differs from the request byte).

	I also updated my python client and server to test against it.  I  
wouldn't think anyone would use these in any real application,  
though.  I mean... I wouldn't.  They existed early just for interop  

	Is anyone working on any other clients?

Dustin Sallings

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