Java memcached implementation

Ryan Daum ryan at
Thu Apr 3 20:56:45 UTC 2008

Hello memcachers,

I've extended and heavily modified the work Jehiah Czebotar did some
time ago on an implementation of the server side of the memcached
protocol, and made an initial (0.3) release.  It's available at:

It implements the full protocol as described in the protocol spec
file.  The only two things that I know of that it does not implement
are the UDP protocol and delayed flush_all commands.

While it does not perform as well as the C version, it is quite
performant in general, and will likely be useful to those who are
deploying in a Java-only environment.  Another advantage it has is
that the cache itself can be embedded in existing projects, and the
storage module can be used in-process without going over the protocol,
meaning that a process can use the cache locally and then use the
network protocol to expose data to external clients. (Including those
written in other languages...)

It has been tested with libmemcached-0.17 and with the Java memcached
client.  While I'm sure it's not bug free, it seems to work quite fine
in my tests.  I would love it others gave it a whirl and hammered away
at it to find any faults for me to fix.

Looking forward to everybody's input,


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