Two binary protocol questions (draft, stats)

dormando dormando at
Thu Apr 3 22:28:04 UTC 2008

> Yeah, the reduced syscall change is in.  He says the numbers are the 
> same between the two protocols as of that change.
> I don't think it'd be very hard to contrive a test that would at least 
> give us a feel as to whether it's faster or slower.  Pretty much 
> anything that could run for five minutes and do the ``same thing'' would 
> work if we just looked at the user time it used.  Probably not 
> considerably less effort than using a profiler, though.

Was thinking of exactly that. Run the same number of gets/sets through 
text or binary and compare the cpu usage reported via 'stats'. Should 
also log latency differences in the clients. Between latency and CPU 
used for batch operations, that'll give us most of the idea of if it 
sucks or not.

> Nah, but I trust my tests to report when something goes wrong, so I'd 
> like to keep it going.  I don't mind fixing stuff, either.

Sweet :)


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