build Memcache in debian 4.0

Monty Taylor monty at
Sun Apr 6 12:09:17 UTC 2008

hce wrote:

> "If using Linux, you need a kernel with epoll.  Sure, libevent will
> work with normal select, but it sucks."
> Sorry I am new to Memcache, does above mean if the kernel supports
> epoll, there is no need for libevent? Or what I was missing?

I believe the thing that sentence is trying to say is that libevent will
use epoll or not use epoll, depending on if you have it or not. If you
don't have epoll, libevent will suck for you. If you do have epoll,
since libevent will use it, it will in fact not suck.

So if you have libevent-dev installed and a kernel with epoll, you
should be set.

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