Standardize serialization on JSON?

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Mon Apr 14 04:14:40 UTC 2008

On Apr 13, 2008, at 19:53, Lisa Seelye wrote:
>> What's the performance of JSON serialization in $your_language?
> Benchmarks for the JSON Ruby gem can be found at
> I

Woah.  I hope I'm misunderstanding the data or it's crazy slow.  It  
looks like the data is for just a hundred bytes of data?  JSON::XS can  
encode or decode hundreds of thousands of short JSON strings a second.

>> I apologize if it's been discussed before, but how about  
>> standardizing
>> on using JSON for serialization?   In Perl it's Really Fast (with  
>> JSON::XS)
>> and I imagine that it gzip's well, too.
>> It would make using complex data structures between languages as
>> trivial as it can be...
> I don't think it's memcached's place to care about what is stored in  
> it.
> Unless I've missed something; I haven't read the list in a while.

Of course memcached itself shouldn't care; but client authors could  
standardize on how to store data so it'll be easier to say cache  
something in Perl and read it from Ruby.

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