Notes from the fourth memcached hackathon of undetermined frequency

mike mike503 at
Wed Apr 16 22:22:50 UTC 2008

On 4/16/08, Dustin Sallings <dustin at> wrote:

>        * get   (returns an object or error; does not return key)
>        * getq  (returns an object; does not return missing; does not return
> key)

is the "q" something like "get quietly" ?

>        * getk  (returns an object with key or error)
>        * getkq (returns an object with key; does not return missing)

Do any of these return a "cache miss" message, or does it only return
if there is an error? If I read this right, "get" and "getk" both
return a miss...

I could see client libraries benefitting from a "miss" message (for
all I know it could already be in the protocol though and my client
just doesn't do anything with it.)

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