Multi-Master Memcached Replication

Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Apr 21 19:10:11 UTC 2008

Kris Drebin wrote:
> So that the memcached servers are staying in sync with each other, in a 
> multi-master fashion. I found the tool repcached, but it is 
> single-master, single slave. This will not work for my application. Any 
> ideas?

My first question is of course, why do you need multi-master memcached 
servers?  Even the largest memcached installations don't duplicate data. 
  I am just curious why you believe it to be the solution for you.

Second, you would have to build this into your application logic.  Brian 
Aker's new library will support this, but it is not ready for production 
use afaik.


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