Memcached problem with maximum connections

Dharmesh Maniar dharmeshm at
Mon Feb 4 04:20:03 UTC 2008

There are around 40 local web servers.
I am using Apache with php. 
Apache is running as worker.
Here are the apache parameters:
StartServers         10
MaxClients         1200
MinSpareThreads     25
MaxSpareThreads     128
ThreadsPerChild     30
ServerLimit         40
MaxRequestsPerChild  10000

These parameters are same on local servers as well as servers on the other

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Dharmesh Maniar wrote:
> Expected load to memcached servers are around 8000 connections.
> Now the problem is that php servers on the same network make too many 
> connections to memcached. And it crosses the maximum connections i.e. 
> 20000. Because of this memcached becomes unavailable.

How many web servers are local?  What web server / sapi is in use?  If 
Apache, what is the StartServers, MinSpare, MaxSpare and MaxClients.  If 
it is fastcgi, how many children are allowed per server?


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