Memcache++ Client (0.9) Public Beta Release

Dean Michael C. Berris dmberris at
Mon Feb 4 10:08:00 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone!

After quite some time, I've finally gotten around to documenting and
releasing the Memcache++ Client library. This is not by all means
complete, but this initial release is at least production quality and
stable. There are still things that need to be done, like:

* documenting the specific exception types thrown
* providing utilities that use the memcache client
* implementing multiple hashing algorithms (currently a custom hashing
alrogithm is used)

Among many other things. However, this is usable and released under the
Boost Software License ( Those
interested may now get the code from:
	- Project Summary Page
	- "Trunk" or latest development version
	- Package releases

Comments, questions, suggestions, and other reactions may be directed to
me (dmberris at directly. If there are others willing to
help out in testing and further developing the library, please let me
know as well so that I can add you to the sourceforge project.

Thanks very much everyone, have a great day and I hope this helps!

Dean Michael Berris
Software Engineer, Friendster, Inc.
<dmberris at>

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