bin-incr patch

dormando dormando at
Mon Feb 11 00:27:18 UTC 2008

Dustin Sallings wrote:
>     I've kind of been sitting on this for a bit but I updated the
> documentation and server for a binary response to incr/decr.  I only
> updated the XML document, as xml2rfc gives me some kind of stupid error
> and refuses to work.
>     It is possible to reuse the work of add_delta to avoid having to
> parse the long string again, but I didn't want to be that invasive.
>     My python client and server were updated before this.  I'll update
> my java one in the next few minutes.
>     (BTW, I never got my commit credentials working, so I'm going to
> have to rely on someone else to move this through).

r692. Looked okay at a glance. Sorry this is so old.

Still have a bunch of failing tests on the binary tree if anyone wants
to check it out and give a whack at it.


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