Cross-client memcached compatibility

dormando dormando at
Mon Feb 11 08:50:30 UTC 2008

Ciaran wrote:
>     > If the user would want to use several serialization formats, she would
>     > have to use some prefix to encode the info on the used format.  And it
>     > seems it can't be made compatible with prefix-unaware clients.
>     Just to note that I'm not ignoring this. I have no constructive input
>     past this point :) Have you tried implementing any of this yet?
> I've successfully implemented a cross-platform solution between the
> Enyim.Memcached C# client and the Java  Spy.Net client after these
> discussions.  Using the existing Transcoder framework built into the
> Java client and by providing a patch for the C# client, it works
> beautifully for me, however it isn't a suitable approach for a wider
> cross-platform hit, hopefully if Enyim accepts my patch it will be
> trivial to achieve this between C# + Java, then there just needs to be
> some convincing of all client developers that it is a worthwhile goal :)
> (Based upon Tomash' assertion that flags should effectively *only* be
> used to mark things as compressed (and|or) serializable, if they're not
> marked as serialized then the stored cache data is treated as a raw
> array of bytes, otherwise the transcoder serialisation routine inspects
> the first byte (i.e. the true data flags shifted out of the memcached
> flag and into the cached data, which does make sense really) )
> - Ciaran

Could you be convinced to start a new wiki page with code examples (or
links to them at least) along with an overview of exactly what you're
doing? If we want to build standards it needs to be visible in a place
where we can start tweaking it and add notes. I don't have working code,
so I'm hoping you'll be generous :)


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