Multi-Interface Patch

dormando dormando at
Wed Feb 13 02:38:00 UTC 2008


Thanks for your work on this :)

A couple comments/questions:

- We could probably live without the memory managed lists. I can think 
of a couple ways to flatten the loops (right now it loops several times 
during setup?) and remove the extra code, but this doesn't necessarily 
bug me enough to request it be fixed.
- The code style is closer to mysql/libmemcached than the rest of 
memcached. This is actually a little obnoxious.
- The patch no longer applies cleanly. I can clean it up though; will 
probably apply it anyway.
- Sad that this doesn't clean up into a more generic "fetching of lists 
of possible addresses then applying them in a loop". So there's still no 
easy way to interface multiple individual listeners in. Oh well. Another 
- Is there an easy way to add some tests for this? Given that it's 
internal-only support for ipv6 multiple interface thingers, I'm kinda 
doubting it, which is sad.

If any of these are worth addressing, let me know. Otherwise it's going 
in with some minor style fixes for 1.2.5.


Brian Aker wrote:
> Hi!
> This corrects the infinite loop on a bind() failure that Tomash found.
> Cheers,
>     -Brian
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