Multi-Interface Patch

Brian Aker brian at
Wed Feb 13 14:45:45 UTC 2008


On Feb 13, 2008, at 8:08 AM, dormando wrote:

> - We could probably live without the memory managed lists. I can  
> think of a couple ways to flatten the loops (right now it loops  
> several times during setup?) and remove the extra code, but this  
> doesn't necessarily bug me enough to request it be fixed.

Yes I agree. I think within one more patch I can clean this up to be  
much cleaner (I don't want to hit you with too large of patches).

> - The code style is closer to mysql/libmemcached than the rest of  
> memcached. This is actually a little obnoxious.

D'oh! I thought I had gotten the style correctly.

> - Sad that this doesn't clean up into a more generic "fetching of  
> lists of possible addresses then applying them in a loop". So  
> there's still no easy way to interface multiple individual listeners  
> in. Oh well. Another patch?

You mean do that with IP instead of hostnames? If we want to make the  
list comma separated that is certainly possible.

> - Is there an easy way to add some tests for this? Given that it's  
> internal-only support for ipv6 multiple interface thingers, I'm  
> kinda doubting it, which is sad.

I've not figured out a portable way to test for IPV6 interfaces which  
is platform independent.

> If any of these are worth addressing, let me know. Otherwise it's  
> going in with some minor style fixes for 1.2.5.

Thanks. If you want to have the ipaddress be multiple, I'm up for  
sending in a patch on that when I can.


> Thanks,
> -Dormando
> Brian Aker wrote:
>> Hi!
>> This corrects the infinite loop on a bind() failure that Tomash  
>> found.
>> Cheers,
>>    -Brian
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