Upcoming memcached releases + rambling.

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Tue Feb 19 09:00:09 UTC 2008

So, getting hosting isn't much of a big deal. There are resources
available to me here. We've stalled (for the royal We; there're probably
other reasons why this hasn't been done) because the move is actually a
little complicated.

- We want to import branches and all of the tags. This isn't exactly
straightforward. I'm going to shoot another mail to the git list for
some suggestions on getting migrated. For this reason (although hachi's
solved the tags/branches issue in particular) and others.

- What we want in git, up front, is actually the 'trunk/server'
directory. Just blindly copying this really isn't the way to go either.
We want the monolithic SVN repo to be split up properly.

- We should not flat out drop SVN on its head. There is a nonvocal group
who tracks memcached via SVN, as well as a few people who've mailed me
in private. While I'd love to drop kick that disaster into the past
forever, we must at least attempt to respect everyone involved here. It
annoys the pants off of me and at least ten other people on the list,
but what about the other 1,000?

Having a centralized git repo is a little dumb too. We'll have to get by
with branch name prefixes and hope no one accidentally rebases 'master'
too often. We could potentially just give every committer access to
their own code.sixapart.com hosted git repo, with their own set of
branches. Then git pull/merge work stays distributed, and we can scale
up the number of contributors more easily.

I really don't know the best way to set up the git flow. Rushing off
into the blue yonder at sourceforge or code.google or github seems like
the wrong idea in the long run. Lets keep SVN around for a while, fix up
the SVN repo so tags/branches are in the right location and can be
pulled in via 'git-svn clone -s' correctly, and figure out the best way
to keep SVN around for now but removing any possible impedance on
people's work.


Tobias Lütke wrote:
> I'm sure we could get an http://github.com/ account for such a
> prolific project.
> On Feb 7, 2008 2:49 PM, Brian Aker <brian at tangent.org> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> On Feb 7, 2008, at 11:09 AM, Dustin Sallings wrote:
>>>> Please give me one week to iron out the repo stuff. I think we can
>>>> deal
>>>> with this.
>>>       No rush.  It's more a problem for you than anyone else.  :)
>> You are not alone :)
>> (And I keep a memcached mercurial repository but I explicitly do not
>> want to be the main repository).
>> Both Google Code and SourceForge are out for hosting. Neither offer
>> much (though I am wondering if you couldn't get mercurial to sort of
>> work on SourceForge). Launchpad is an option, but that means BZR, yet
>> another system.
>> One thought, why not publish the existence of multiple repositories on
>> the project page?
>> Cheers,
>>         -Brian
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