configuration and limitation of memcache..

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Thu Feb 21 12:31:07 UTC 2008

If you really want to use memcache as file storage (but imho its not the
best solution) you can prolly stick with webservers that have memcache
support and are way faster at serving small files than squid:


Otherways for generic purposes just stick with Squid (if you want to store
just in ram use nullfs) or Varnish


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> Is there a memcache backend for squid yet? I once heard rumor that
> craigslist uses just such a beast.
> Aaron
> On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 00:28 -0600, John Kramlich wrote:
>> I would consider using Squid for caching of images.
>> I have not personally used it but others have recommended it in the
>> past.
>> - John
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>> John Kramlich
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>> bharath venkatesh wrote:
>> > hi,
>> >  In  my project i need to store lot n lots of images in my cache and
>> > retrieve it very frequently.. currently i am using memcache to store
>> > and retreive images from cache... i will be using 4 GB  ram as cache
>> > and each image won't exceed 1 mb for sure ...and i came across  that
>> > memcache will be assigned only certain amount of cache for
>> > caching ... so how to configure it so that it can use the amount of
>> > cache as much as i want like 3 GB of ram ... and also i want to know
>> > whether memcache is the right way to go about my project .. i have
>> > already implemented storing and retrieving images using images ...
>> > it is working fine .. and i find it easy as images can be  stored
>> > and retrieved using  a key and that is what i want ... but my
>> > project will have many clients storing and retrieving images
>> > concurrently ... so i want to know whether memcahe is the right
>> > way .. does it have any limitation ...if so pls suggest an
>> > alternative i doing my project in python suggest an
>> > alternative which can be  interfaced with python easily

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