64-bit on Solaris/Sparc?

Adam Lee alee at fotolog.biz
Thu Feb 21 19:31:18 UTC 2008

I've been trying to get memcached 1.2.4 working on some V210 hardware
with the 64-bit version, but I'm running into problems.  It compiles,
but my (very basic) stress testing script gets consistent errors
against it.

The script is in Java using the old client (from Meetup) and
essentially just does a huge succession of sets and gets against the
server, but it seems that even if I do a get directly after a set, it
comes back as null.  The success rate is less than 25%.

The same script runs fine against the same V210 running the CoolStack
32-bit version the same machine, so I know it's probably just a
64/32-bit discrepancy.  Has naybody had any luck with this?

The machines I'm using have 16GB of RAM, so if I want to use them with
32-bit, I'll need to run four 32-bit servers per machine, which seems
far less than optimal.

Thanks for any help!


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