64-bit on Solaris/Sparc?

Adam Lee alee at fotolog.biz
Fri Feb 22 01:44:38 UTC 2008


On 2/21/08, Matt.Ingenthron at sun.com <Matt.Ingenthron at sun.com> wrote:
>  I just looked, and some of Trond's changes are in the trunk, but not in
>  1.2.4.  You may want to try the trunk, but I'd test it well since there
>  could be other changes that have spawned bugs which haven't had any
>  light shown on them yet.

Yeah, I'd be reluctant to try that out in production, but I can at
least test it and point my load and stability test scripts at it for a

>  The official trunk for memcache also has the 64-bit changes in it, so it
>  may be the first thing to try, then if you still see issues when running
>  your test, try the trunk from the OpenSolaris memcache-incubator.
>  Please let us know what your results are in any event.

Thanks, I'll try both of these out tomorrow and post my results here.

> It's hard to say where the problem is from here.  This is with only one
>  server I assume?

No, this particular cluster will probably be about 20 machines.


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